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Civil Aviation Authority discusses lifting Italian ban on Libyan air companies

The head of the Civil Aviation Authority, Mohammed Ashlipak, has discussed with the Italian ambassador to Libya, Giuseppe Buccino, lifting the restrictions imposed by the Italian government on Libyan air companies.

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Italy wants to cut free from Russian gas

Italian Minister of Economic Development Adolfo Urso has stated that his country wants to cut free from Russian gas during the current year.

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Irish Naval ship set for North Africa to enforce Libyan arms embargo

Irish Government is expected to approve plans to send an Irish Naval ship to the waters off North Africa to enforce a UN arms embargo on Libya, the Irish Times said.

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Six tons of war remnants destroyed in Gharyan

The Explosives Department at the Criminal Investigation Agency has destroyed six tons of war remnants in the city of Gharyan.

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Al-Ahly Benghazi wins Libya Volleyball Cup

Al-Ahly Benghazi team has won the Libya Volleyball Cup for the fourth time in its history, after defeating Swehli three sets to one at the Misrata Great Hall court

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Brega Company holds distribution companies responsible for the congestion at fuel stations

The Brega Oil Marketing Company has confirmed that the traffic congestion on fuel stations in Tripoli and western region is due to the refusal of the Highway Fuel Distribution company to collect and distribute allocated fuel int

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Ministry of Economy refers Consumer Protection Law to competent authorities

The Minister of Economy in the Government of National Unity, Mohammed Al-Huwaij, affirmed that the Ministry has referred the Consumer Protection Law to the competent authorities.

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