Haftar contracts new law firm to appeal latest Federal Court ruling

Haftar contracts new law firm to appeal latest Federal Court ruling

September 10, 2022 - 20:05
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Written By: MohamedAhmed

The head of the Libyan American Alliance, Issam Omeish, has revealed that Khalifa Haftar had contracted a new law firm in Virginia headed by a lawyer named, Robert Cox, in an attempt to overturn the ruling of the Federal Court, which convicted him of murder and torture of Libyan victims.

Omeish explained in a statement that the new lawyer, Robert Cox, is trying to request a hearing from the court, which will most likely be next October, in order to plead in his client’s favour and to request an annulment of the previous and enforceable court ruling.

Omeish quoted lawyer, Faisal Gill, who represents Libyan victims in cooperation with the Libyan American Alliance, and who worked with some of these families so that they can file their cases before the American courts, as saying that what Haftar is doing is a desperate and failed attempt. 

Omeish stressed that the recent effective ruling is a civil, judicial, and impartial one that has serious consequences, whether in preparing for the criminal conviction of Haftar as an American citizen, or in exposing his crimes while he is trying to convince the world that he deserves to run for the presidential elections.